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Free Transfers of Domains or Order a New One For Your Website

We can transfer your current domain address or order a new one and get your new website up and running fast, with no monthly fee.

We can meet up in Inverurie or further afield within Aberdeenshire or simply set up a website design over the phone.

The choice is yours.

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Email, Outlook, IMAP or POP3 – No problems for us!

email inverurie web designer aberdeenshire

We can set up an email account for you (with your chosen domain ending) and transfer your old emails if needed.

Note all emails will be backed up for you before we do a thing, if a transfer of emails is needed.

We can set up email forwarding to your your phone. This is a very handy way of always getting a business email on the move without firing up your laptop/desktop.

All email accounts come with antivirus software installed.

Hand coded marketing templates that look like a web page with links in an email you send can also be designed to order.

Logos & Digital Drawings

We also have years of experience with graphics and we’ll be happy to design you a logo that can be used throughout your business let alone the website.

We will supply you with full size images in JPEG format as well as PNG format (where the background is cut away from the design so that you can print on a toned card without a square white background).

These designs can be used for logos, business cards, letterheads, merchandise etc.

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An Example of Our Work

Prices Not Scary at All

As there is no rental of a template and therefore no monthly charge, the cost of running a website with us is minimal.

Our websites start for as little as £250 complete with a business email address that has your domain ending.

Domain names are charged at market prices with a being the cheapest. Other domain endings such as .scot are more expensive.

Changes to the website design are charged at £20 per hour – but we can do a lot in an hour! Small changes, such as telephone numbers are not charged.

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Website Hosting – Premium Hosting Offered

Hosting is where your website and emails will be stored and this is where the buy cheap pay dear saying comes into full force with its meaning.

The hosting we use is of a premium quality. It is dual hosted in two separate geographical locations for security that’s always backed up (you don’t need to do a thing) on a Linux server.

It’s what the banks use, so we do too. This hosting has high specifications with a fast speed and 99.9% uptime.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for Websites

seo inverurie web designer aberdeenshire

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) governs how high up your website is on a search within a search engine such as Google or Bing. The way of ranking a website is governed by algorithms (computer generated patterns).

Our hand written websites are designed with SEO in mind and there is no fee involved. Template based websites such as WordPress state they have the SEO covered, when in fact, all they’ve done is focused on keyword SEO with little thought to all the other SEO criteria linking with the design of the website.

Many self-stylised “SEO experts” (whose own websites perform poorly) speak of SEO packages and “we can get you on the first page” etc. These are adverts paid to Google on a monthly basis, and you will see these at the top of a search page with “AD” firmly in place. Most of us avoid these first few links because we know it’s an advert from someone outside your local area – such as London. These are usually a waste of money to be honest. The main thing is to get your website on the first page in your area without paying Google, and this is what we can do for your business.

Help with a Facebook Business Page & Link it to Your Website

We can help you creat a business Facebook page for the Inverurie area or beyond. A Facebook logo will be Created (if required) on your website linking it to your Facebook page. Also, the contact button on your Facebook can be made into a link to your website.

We will be able to guide you through any changes required and can set up the page for you before you take control. Images and logos from your website can be adapted for use on your Facebook site.

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Website Testimonials

Blokes on Ropes Ltd

“I found Inverurie website design to be a breath of fresh air. Friendly, helpful, prompt and good value. I would highly recommend Rupert and Inverurie Website Design.”               Rick Scott, Director

@rchitects Scotland Ltd

“Inverurie Website Design exceeded our expectations and delivered the website we had always wanted on time and to budget, making the process relatively effortless.”         Paul Fretwell, Director

Care Direct Ltd

“I am very pleased with the website designed for my company. I found Inverurie Website Design to be very helpful giving lots of useful advice and guidance”                      Kerry Keys, Director

Ryanside Pedigree Spaniel Breeders

“........ very pleased with the website ...... You’re very reliable and helpful”                                                                                       Helen Mclelland, Owner

Forbes Studios

"A great design and colour combination that I am really pleased with. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Inverurie Website Design for the design of a website."         Shirley Forbes, Owner

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